Environmental Consciousness – Sustainability and Skincare Explained

Environmental Consciousness – Sustainability and Skincare Explained

Here at Romer Skincare, environmental consciousness isn’t just a trend we try to hop onto; it’s been instilled in the foundation of our brand and products since the very beginning, a value of ours we’re very passionate about! The skincare industry contributes to over 120 billion plastic units per year, and that isn’t considering the impact of the ingredients, manufacturing processes, and shipping and handling. At Romer, we do our best to address those concerns by:

  • Promoting a simple three step routine that addressees all your needs without unnecessary extra products
  • Using sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients
  • Designing the packaging to be lightweight (less energy to transport) and easily recyclable (and made using post-consumer recycled plastic, of course)
  • Using recycled and biodegradable shipping materials that lessen unnecessary outer packaging waste
  • Donating to environmental groups like the Conservation Fund, Environmental Defense Fund and World Wildlife Fund

While all these efforts are amazing and we’re very proud of them, this year we decided to further our commitment to the cause. As a result, we’re pleased to announce that through our partnership with the IMPACT Collective, Romer Skincare is now Carbon, Plastic and Water Neutral!

We neutralize our Plastic, Carbon and Water footprint by directly contributing to projects that help purchase plastic, carbon and water credits. Some examples of the projects we’re contributing to include the reduction of greenhouse gases in the Brazilian Amazon, investing in renewable wind energy production, plastic bank collections around the world, and water conservation and restoration projects around the U.S. Through our collaboration, we’re able to mitigate environmental dangers on both a local and international level, and can directly see the impact of our contribution.

We’re thrilled to be able to make such a difference, and with the knowledge that when you buy Romer Skincare products, you are directly contributing to such projects as well. We can’t wait to see where our efforts lead us, hopefully more and more towards zero-waste, and look forward to more opportunities to learn and grow within the space.

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