How to Break Through the Skincare Trends that have the potential to suck you in:

How to Break Through the Skincare Trends that have the potential to suck you in:

One question that Beauty companies and experts get all the time is, “There are all these products on the market but what REALLY works to clear up your skin? What is the magical product?” The answer should be easy… well maybe not that easy.

After the pandemic took the world by storm in 2020, people began sharing the more private parts of their lives on the internet more than ever before. While celebrity skincare routines have always been a muse for our generation, the work from home environment brought a self-care movement to life with not only celebrities and influencers sharing their daily routines, but your neighbor, aunt, and best friend too.

As we continue to value consumer feedback in our society and love getting recommendations from people we trust, it is becoming increasingly challenging to decipher between product viralilty due to what’s ‘trending’ or because of genuine product results and efficacy.

We sat down with our Founder, Lauren, to ask for her expertise on how to navigate the world of Tik Tok Beauty trends, ‘magical’ products, and celebrity influenced ingredients.

Question: Thoughts on the latest internet skincare fads?

Lauren: The most important advice I could give is to keep it simple. It’s fun to attempt a new trend with friends or your partner as a one-off, but in my experience a consistent and simple routine always leads to better results.

Question: How about making your own products from scratch using household ingredients and foods found in the kitchen?

Lauren: Most of the DIY skin care recipes are not very effective especially when mixing ingredients that aren’t necessarily supposed to work together. It’s also easy for homemade products to develop bacteria because they don’t have any preservatives in them which can lead to breakouts or skin irritations.

Question: Best way to challenge the trend?

It’s important to listen to your dermatologist and read the directions on the back of labels to use the products the way brands intended them to be used.

Question: Have you tried any of these trends?

Lauren: There are some trends I've tried and some I've completely avoided. I enjoyed learning how to create faux freckles. However, I did not hop on the slugging as Primer trend nor the snail facials (which is just using Vaseline or some other occlusive on top of your moisturizer to lock in moisture), because I'd like to avoid unnecessary breakouts!! If you're acne prone, watch out!

Our takeaway, be a skeptic! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These internet spectacles may seem exciting and it’s fun to get lost down a trending rabbit hole but remember to go with your gut when it comes to skin health! Lauren, just like all of us, has been exposed to what seem like captivating skincare tips and tricks. It is impossible to ignore and crucial to see through. Luckily Romer Skincare is meant to be a constant in your routine. It is human to be curious about fads and trends but your skin thrives off simplicity and consistency. And thankfully, Romer makes both simplicity and consistency an easy thing to achieve.

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