Sustainable Packaging? Yes, please!

Sustainable Packaging? Yes, please!

The other day, I popped into the mailroom in my building and was shocked to see a huge box package with my name on it. The massive box was surprisingly light as I carried it up the stairs and as I opened it up, I unwrapped a bunch of box filler and bubble wrap to find a book. A BOOK. This book was inside a box the size of a TV and then filled with bubble wrap so it… wouldn’t break…?! Again, A BOOK. I’m sure you’ve all had this experience with shipping at some point and it is beyond frustrating to see how much paper and plastic is senselessly used and how little huge companies care about their impact on the environment.

When I got my first shipment from Romer Skincare, the experience could not have been more opposite. It was a compact box (made from recycled materials) with a small amount of recyclable green wrap to perfectly cushion and protect the 3-step regimen, and when I was finished opening the box, my apartment didn’t look like an explosion at the UPS Store. Even the tape is eco-friendly and biodegradable, I mean, come on! Romer’s commitment to avoiding excess packaging, limiting waste and maximizing the amount of product they ship at a time is such a breath of fresh air.

While the box that the products arrive in is great, the packaging is even more amazing! The cleanser, moisturizer and treatment mask all come in chic recyclable containers. I am so grateful that the treatment mask comes in an easy to use tube instead of a trendy jar. Jars collect so much bacteria, and when I am trying to make my skin flawless, the last thing I want to think about is adding bacteria to my face. We don’t need to be dunking our hands into jars and contaminating the formula of the product; squeezing the mask from the tube right onto your (hopefully) clean hands allows you to put it directly onto your face and neck. Plus when you’re done with your products, you can rinse them out and recycle the containers!

Even after all of the things that Romer does to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability throughout their entire supply chain, founder Lauren Rome has taken it a step further and put her money where her mouth is. Lauren’s commitment to making this world a better place was never more clear than when Romer Skincare joined the 1% for the planet movement. By giving more than 1% of all annual sales to environmental causes focused on protecting, preserving, and conserving the land and its resources, such as the Environmental Defense Fund and the Conservation Fund, Romer is really making a difference, and so are you when you buy Romer products!

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