The Most Basic Skincare Step That’s Often Overlooked??

The Most Basic Skincare Step That’s Often Overlooked??

If you’re here, that probably means you’re interested in skincare. The world of skincare is vast and exciting, filled with treatments, facials, serums, and more. But what about the most basic step that is often overlooked? Cleansing our skin is arguably the most important step to any great skincare routine, keep reading to learn more about the process of cleansing and our first-step Cleanse!

Our skin was made to serve as a barrier between the environment and our bodies. Throughout the day our skin is exposed to the sun, dirt, sweat, grime, free radicals, makeup, and more. It’s important that we wash away the dirt and impurities that gather on our skin during our daily routine. If our skin isn’t cleansed properly, this can not only lead to premature aging and dehydration but it can also lead to build up on the skin which can be one cause of acne and blemishes.

Another benefit of cleansing our skin is it amplifies the effect of other products in our routine! When you’re using treatments and serums that you have invested in, it’s important that they are applied to clean skin. This allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin and work their magic! When your skin is clean, your products will be more efficacious and absorb properly into the skin.

So when should you wash your face? It is beneficial to cleanse the skin daily, both in the morning and evening. In the evening we are washing away all of the impurities that have gathered on our skin during the day as well as any makeup and sunscreen we applied in the morning. Overnight our skin works to restore itself. When we sleep blood flow increases and our skin repairs damage sustained from the UV rays and free radicals we encounter during the day. Cleansing the skin is beneficial to this process and helps to keep our skin healthy long term. Part of this overnight restoration results in a natural exfoliation of the skin. It’s important to cleanse our skin in the morning to remove any dead skin and natural oils that occur overnight and create a clean canvas for our morning routine.

How long should I wash my face for? This can be largely dependent on your individual skin type and concerns. A good general recommendation that we follow for our skin is the 60-second rule created by Nayamka Roberts-Smith of LaBeautyologist. Gently working your cleanser into the skin for 60-seconds with your fingers softens the skin, increases blood flow, and allows more time for those star ingredients in your cleanser to do their job!

Last but not least, it’s important to find a cleanser that will clean your skin without stripping away the beneficial oils and compromising your moisture barrier. We want to avoid those harsh cleansers that leave our skin feeling tight and “squeaky-clean”. Romer’s Cleanse is a gel-oil cleanser formulated to remove dirt and impurities, while locking in additional moisture and leaving the skin’s natural oils undisturbed. Cleanse contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants needed to soothe, strengthen, and hydrate the skin. Our personal favorite ingredient, Manuka Honey, is not only antioxidant rich, but also has antibacterial properties making this an incredible option for those who get breakouts and blemishes!

Cleansing is the essential foundation to any great skincare routine – it can help with product absorption, anti-aging, and works to treat one cause of acne and blemishes. Cleansing twice a day can help promote long term skin health and reveal glowing, radiant skin.



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