The Scoop on Genderless Skincare

The Scoop on Genderless Skincare

Hi, my name is Jacqueline, also known as Jack. Growing up as a tomboy with an older brother, I naturally wanted to do everything that he did. As embarrassing as it is to admit, my first screen name was Baseball0413, my brother’s favorite sport followed by my brother’s birthday. This also, for better or worse, trickled into following his “skincare” regimen, which consisted of splashing my face with water and practically burning my skin off with Stridex Acne Pads (I was 9 and had never even had a pimple). Luckily, I grew out of my Stridex phase, but I still believe that good skincare routines can be shared across all genders.

Why shouldn’t everyone be able to use the same products? We live in a world where seemingly every industry has gendered the products, with a “for him” or “for her” attached. The main reason companies do this: Marketing. Massive amounts of money have been spent specifying men’s products versus women’s products as a sales gimmick. But we all know that dehydrated skin is dehydrated skin whether your name is Joe or Sarah.

Additionally, sharing products and brands we love with friends, family, romantic partners, roommates, WHOEVER is such a fun thing, so why limit who we are recommending products to because of gender? If someone loves a product and it delivers results, I don’t care who they are, I want to know! We’re all just trying to up our games and live our best lives, and gender-neutral products make it super easy to share with everyone we love. So what about scent for a genderless product? I don’t know about you, but smell plays a huge role when it comes to purchasing anything, especially skincare. Scents can be so “feminine” or “masculine”, but in reality most of us aren’t trying to smell like a bouquet of flowers or like we bathed in men’s body spray, so clean, neutral aromas are perfect. An easy way to avoid overpowering scents is to look for products with mild botanical aromas and limited essential oils such as Romer Skincare’s three-step regimen.

Romer’s three-step routine not only smells good but is also super easy to maintain, no matter how crazy your schedule is. The clean ingredients are perfect for any and every one. The straightforward solutions are designed to effectively target the sources of everyday stress that visibly impact skin, and let’s be real, none of us are exempt from the stress life throws at us, and Romer is making it beyond easy to give our skin the love it needs regardless of your pronoun!

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